Let SGConnect Manage and Grow Your Business

Learn how you can be like thousands of other agents who are growing their business by managing and staying connected with their leads and clients. SGconnect provides you:

  • Multi-Channel Marketing Tools
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Quick and Easy Quote Engines


SGConnect is an all in one marketing and sales platform. Easily access all your clients from one place.


Our Virtual Marketing Assistant allows you to stay in contact with leads.

Quote Engines

Quickly and easily run quotes for Annuities and Final Expense


"Thanks. I’m completing current contracting form and sending to Jeff Kolnes to get as many carrier contracts with Sunderland as possible now and will move other FMO carrier contracts as they become available. Thank you for working so hard in developing such a unique and outstanding resource and I intend to fully leverage it for annuities, Med Supp, and Fin Ex going forward. This very favorably differentiates Sunderland from the rest of the IMO’s in the industry."

Doug G [Texas]

"Also FYI... not to brag but I wrote 12 deals thru Americo with over 10k in commission in the last week and a half using the Final Expense Quote Engine.  All deals were approved."

Yancy H [Tennessee]


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