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Let our Social Media Experts Help You Generate More BusinessFREE SOCIAL MEDIA GUIDE

Our experts at Sunderland Group have created a guide to help you utilize social media to grow your brand and more importantly your business. Download the guide and find out: Best times to post, Best content to post, How to setup your accounts, and How to use Social Media to set appointments.

Sunderland GroupHelping You Build Your Business

Agent success is the only focus for Sunderland Group. We provide all the tools, support and programs to help you create opportunity and win more business.

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Sunderland 50 years


Sunderland Group is the original Field Marketing Organization catering exclusively to independent agents nationwide. Unlike most FMOs, we are a full-service, truly self-sufficient company staffed with highly trained and motivated sales consultants. As we celebrate 50 years, we would like to thank our producers for their loyalty. We look forward to building new partnerships with those new to SG and continuing our legacy.  

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