AEP PromotionEarn Up To $30,000 Marketing Dollars

50 apps = $1000 | 100 apps = $2500 | 250 apps = $10,000 | 500 apps = $30,000

Submit Sagicor e-Apps Oct. 1- Dec. 31, 2019Earn Rewards: Apple Air Pods, Gift Card, iPad or MacBook

Reward Levels: 5 Apps = Apple Air Pods | 10 Apps = $250 Gift Card | 25 Apps = iPad | 100 Apps = MacBook Air Most Underwriting Decisions in 2 days, some in as little as 2 Minutes. Up to $1,000,000 face amount.


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Sunderland Group I.R.A.You can finance your car, home, or business. Why not your life insurance?

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Download the guide and find out: Best times to post, Best content to post, How to setup your accounts, and How to use Social Media to set appointments.

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Sunderland Group is the original Field Marketing Organization providing backroom support and training to independent agents, registered reps, financial institutions and bank channels nationwide. The success of you, the agent, is important to us and we are developing cutting edge technology to help you grow your business including the launch of SG Pro Shop. We look forward to the future and growing your business.



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